Ron Espero is a piece of art, an expression of patience freedom, quality and master blending. Aged and blended to perfection. Enjoy Ron Espero, enjoy your day….

Exclusive rums from
Dominican Republic

About US

About us

Originally from China, the cane collection took place in the Caribbean with the second expedition of Christopher Columbus to the West Indies at the end of the 15th Century. Rum production was first mentioned in writing in 1647 in Barbados, but there is evidence that this spirit here at the beginning of the 17th Century produced. Only average quality and because of cheaper production costs was first rum for slaves on the plantations destined (cognac and sherry were too expensive and only for the colonists determined).


Espero Mint Julep

The Espero Mint Julep is a variation of the classic Mint Julep drink, perfect for a Garden party. An orange drink, made form Espero Reserva Especial rum, mint, simple syrup and bitters, and served over ice in a rocks glass.


We won at the rum exhibition “VIENNA RUM FESTIVAL 2022”

We received a gold medal for the product Espero Coconut & Rum.

New Ron Espero spot

We have prepared for you the new Espero Coffee & Rum spots.

German Rum Festival – 7GRF

We participated in the German Rum Festival 7 in Berlin where we received a bronze medal award for our product Ron…